TSX™ Implants

Newest innovation in ZimVie’s digital dentistry platform is designed for immediacy and peri-implant health

TSX Implants Xceed Xpectations in immediacy and leverage an Xtraordinary combination of clinically proven features.



Deliver an immediate smile like a PRO

T3 PRO is engineered with a laser focus on stability. Providing a beacon of light in a situation that requires precision is the essence of ZimVie’s new generation PRO design.


Encode® Emergence  Impression System

Encode Emergence technology provides more natural tissue healing for great aesthetics, and easy scanning and impressioning for workflow efficiency.

Guided Surgery Solutions

For the dental clinician who would like to bring predictability to their dental implant therapy, guided surgery is an attractive solution. 


Digital Smile Design (DSD)

We are excited to announce new educational opportunities through Digital Smile Design (DSD), a company that practices and teaches systematic approaches and strategies to improve comprehensive dentistry through innovative technology and communication protocols. 

SAVE 10% on DSD Courses

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The Future of Dentistry.

13TH Annual Global Implantology Week

March 13-16 | 2023

Hybrid Conference

In-person or Virtual

Soponsored By:

ZimVie Institute & NYU | Dentistry

The Future of Dentistry.

13TH Annual Global Implantology Week

March 13-16 | 2023

Dental Patients & Caregivers


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