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Encourages Bone Growth Potential By Incorporating A High Bone-To-Carrier Ration Without Sacrificing Its Handling Characteristics.1

  1. Ideal Handling - The lecithin carrier provides a moldable vehicle for containing and transporting allograft bone granules.
  2. Osteoinductive & Osteoconductive - RegenerOss Allograft Putty Plus is comprised of a mixture of DBM and mineralized allograft to facilitate the regeneration of new bone.
  3. Simple Syringe Delivery - The ergonomic design features a small diameter syringe with a curved tip for easy access to defect sites.

Features & Benefits

Carrier Ideal Handling
  • Potentially enhances osseoinductive properties of the Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM)2

Bone Osteoinductive and Osteoconductive

  • Osseoinductive potential of DBM encourages bone growth1

Simple Syringe Delivery

  • The plunger extends all the way to the end of the syringe for complete expulsion of the putty, minimizing waste

Additional Information

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