Optimization Is Key To Aesthetics

The BellaTek Encode Impression System aims to provide optimized solutions to clinicians by eliminating the need for implant level impressions, which streamlines the treatment process for the surgeon, restorative clinician and laboratory. In addition, patients have a better experience and a beautiful aesthetic outcome as compared to traditional procedures with an impression coping.

  • Hard- And Soft-Tissue Maintenance - No need to remove the healing abutment, preserving tissue and resulting in aesthetic outcomes
  • Customized Treatment Solutions - Choose a simple impression method above the gingiva to create aesthetic BellaTek Patient Specific Abutments in titanium and gold-colored titanium nitride
  • Practice Growth Through Better Patient Care - End-to-end treatment solutions for everyone involved allow for a more efficient workflow compared to traditional workflow that requires additional parts and pieces, less inventory to stock and provide a vehicle for practice growth
Benefits For The Patient

Customized Treatment Solutions

The proprietary BellaTek Encode Impression System is the gateway to creating a customized solution for you and your patients. When you eliminate the need for impression copings and conventional impression materials, the process is streamlined for you and the patient experience is improved by making it easier and more comfortable. This technology is unique to and only available from ZimVie Dental.

  • Comfort - There is no need to use impression copings, resulting in a less invasive impression procedure for more patient comfort.
  • Fewer Visits - The intraoral scan can be taken by the specialist at the surgical release visit, eliminating a restorative appointment and resulting in less visits to the dentist’s office compared to traditional procedures.
  • Aesthetic Outcomes - Abutments designed specifically for the patient for better aesthetic outcomes compared to traditional non-digital procedures.

The Result: A Highly Aesthetic BellaTek Definitive Abutment

Simplified Impressions With The BellaTek Encode Healing Abutment!

  • Digital Impression

Take a digital impression of the BellaTek Encode Healing Abutment

  • Traditional Impression

Make a traditional impression of the BellaTek Encode Healing Abutment

Practice Growth Through Better Patient Care



• Cutting edge technologies create an improved and more simple treatment process than a traditional technique, differentiating the practice to referring dentists and more importantly, to patients.

• The BellaTek Encode Impression System makes it easier for your referral base and may increase treatment acceptance compared to traditional techniques.



• Potential new customers may lead to increased crown and bridge business.

• There is no need to create a cast, which results in fewer steps in the treatment process, reducing overhead.

• This unique branding opportunity may grow the volume of your business. 

Restorative Clinician

Restorative Clinician

• No implant-level impressions are required - resulting in a simpler and quicker process; minimizing chairtime compared to traditional non-encode procedures that other clinicians may be using. 

• There is increased patient satisfaction due to an easier and more comfortable impression procedure compared to traditional non-encode cases that do not use an IOS.

Please contact your local representative for more information or speak directly to our dedicated BellaTek Customer Service Center at 1-888-800-8045.

BellaTek Encode Impression System

BellaTek® Encode® Empowered Laboratories

Due to advancements in digital dentistry, BellaTek laboratories are now able to control the design of their CAD/CAM BellaTek Encode Abutments, experience faster turnaround times as well as enjoy a more simplified workflow to better support and serve their clinicians. Through the development of this program, laboratories are provided with the following benefits:

• Scan and design control from a BellaTek Encode Impression
• Reduced turnaround times
• Abutment material flexibility
• Cost effective milling options


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