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Implant skillZTM

Flap Design & Suturing Technique

Implant skillZ Site Preservation Therapy

Virtual Program Series

Flexibility and Accessibility Through Virtual and Hands-On Learning

This implant skillZ series will provide the clinician with the knowledge necessary to understand and perform surgical flaps, incision designs, and a variety of suturing techniques will be discussed and shown. This skillZ series will provide crucial knowledge, hands-on approach, and one on one interaction with one of the top periodontists in the USA. The curriculum beings with a series of two (2) webcasts viewed individually or in a group, followed by skill development with hands-on exercises for learning flap design and suturing techniques.  

$99* Course Fee Includes:

Modules 1-2: Self-Study Web-Based Programs with Dr. Michael Sonick

  • Module 1 - Surgical Treatment: Suturing Techniques
  • Module 2 - Surgical Treatment: Flap Design

Module 3: Hands-On Step-by-Step Instructional Video with Dr. Michael Sonick

  • Module 3 - Hands-on Flap Design and Suturing Techniques

*Course Fee Includes: Two Self-Study Virtual Modules followed by a Hands-On Step-by-Step Module that includes the implant skillZ kit.

Continuing Education Credits:

2 Self-Study, 2 Participation for Hands-On Session

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Web-Based Program | Dr. Michael Sonick


Module 1: Surgical Treatment:
Suturing Techniques

Program Description: Ideal surgical outcome requires good wound closure and stabilization of re-approximated flap margins. It is often challenging to achieve proper closure and wound stability with the multiplicity of surgical techniques.  Tension-free closure is ideal.  This course will explore a variety of techniques to close wounds.


  1. Learn about the instruments for performing suturing techniques
  2. Learn about the different types of sutures including material and needles
  3. Learn different suturing technique options

Module 2: Surgical Treatment:
Flap Design

Program Description: The first step to successful surgery is choosing the proper surgical technique and flap design.  This step is crucial for teeth removal, bone grafting, implant placement, periodontal surgery, ridge augmentation, and mucogingival surgery.


  1. Learn about the different options for dealing with incisions for teeth and implants
  2. Learn about the difference between Full vs Split thickness
  3. Learn about releasing incisions and closure

Module 3: Hands on Flap Design and Suturing Techniques


  1. Perform suturing with different technique options.
  2. Utilize different sutures and materials. 
  3. Perform exercises with different flap thicknesses.
  4. Perform exercises with different incisions and closures.