The Power Of Puros Allografts

Best in class processing1

  • Proprietary Cancelle SP® processing designed to preserve protein activity allowing the DBM to maintain OI potential
  • Only DBM with verified OI potential is released to processing
  • Low temperature, low dose gamma irradiation preserves the utility of the graft
  • 2-year shelf-life

Features & Benefits

  1. Osteoinductive potential preserved- Preservation of protein activity maintains osteoinductivity (OI) potential2,3
  1. Trusted Source1 - Safety you expect from the Puros Brand. Single donor source. Terminally sterilized to SAL 10-6
  1. Convenient Handling - Quick hydration. Room temperature storage4


Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting is a common procedure used to prepare a site for dental implant placement in an area where teeth have been loss.

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