Regeneration By Design

  • RegenerOss Allograft* can alleviate the need for a second operative site when faced with inadequate autogenous bone size, shape or volume, thus preventing increased post-operative pain and donor site morbidity.
  • In addition, studies have shown that allograft bone can produce osseogenesis by activating mesenchymal cells to form bone.1

Dental Applications

RegenerOss Allograft can be utilized in a variety of dental applications, either by itself or as a graft extender. The following are common sites for allograft tissue use:

  • Extraction socket preservation
  • Ridge augmentation and reconstruction
  • Peri-implant defects
  • Sinus floor elevation


Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting is a common procedure used to prepare a site for dental implant placement in an area where teeth have been loss.

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