Get restorative flexibility, efficiency, and strength

The genuine connection TiBase for ZimVie Dental‘s Implant systems Certain®, Eztetic®, TSV®, and Trabecular Metal®, now for angled screw access channel restorations. Achieve efficiency to your CAD/CAM restoration workflow with a singular TiBase that provides flexibility of channel angulation and adjustable post height options.

Efficient. Flexible. Genuine.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible Post Heights: The new TSV GenTek TiBases provide 7.0 mm post for cases that demand taller heights with greater surface for bonding to the crown. Machined grooves on the abutment’s post indicate height adjustments at 4.5mm , 5.7mm & 7.0 mm allowing customer flexibility based on their case needs.
  • Angulated Screw Channel: The new GenTek TiBases with angulated screw channel enables for placement anywhere from 0º to 25º for improved aesthetics in the anterior cases and for better access in challenging inter-arch spaces compared to a non-angulated Screw channel TiBase.
  • Anti-rotation feature: These TiBases come with three continuous anti-rotation grooves that run along the length of the post, aimed at ensuring better centering and reducing rotational movement of the crown to the TiBase.
  • Multi-unit cases unlocked: GenTek Angulated Screw channel TiBases are also available for Multi-unit cases. The non-engaging connection allows for rotational freedom appropriate for making multi-unit restorations.
  • Screw-assisted separation design: The GenTek ASC TiBases come with a patent-pending screw-assisted separation design, which aids in release of Friction between Tibase and the implant during the unscrewing process.
  • Hexalobular screw: Screwdrivers now feature a hexalobular design to allow for universal use, regardless of ZimVie Dental Implant connection. Screwdrivers are available in 3 different lengths, to accommodate a wide range of cases, and included a designed in groove for dental silicon ring placement for easy length identification. These Screws now contain a new hexalobe design to be used in conjunction with the driver.

Your Digital Journey

Productive, Protective, and Proven

ZimVie offers an innovative, complete digital solution that provides clinicians and dental technicians with a more productive, protective, and proven technical process than ever before. The digital CAD/CAM process is facilitated through  our distinct 3-in-1 Encode® Healing Abutment. 

  1. Place a ZimVie Dental  Implant with an Encode Healing Abutment.
  2. After tissue maturation,  take a digital or traditional impression of the Encode Healing Abutment and send it to your preferred lab partner.
  3. The laboratory decodes the scan data into open STL files using the  Zfx Conveter and proceeds with the design of the final prosthesis.
  4. The patient-specific abutment  and crown will be manufactured  with restorative components, including GenTek Analogs in a  3D printed model.
  5. The finished prosthesis is ready to be placed. You and your patient can enjoy a precise, aesthetic result and above all, a radiant smile!
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