Flexlink Tibase for screw retained and cement retained implant

The FlexLink TiBase is designed for digital and traditional procedures with both screw- and cement-retained applications.

  • Clinicians and laboratory partners require aesthetic solutions that deliver restorative flexibility and implant/abutment connection strength.
  • FlexLink TiBase can help clinicians achieve aesthetic restorations that can be sustained over time in the various biotypes and challenging cases.
  • The FlexLink TiBase solution combines the proven T3® surgical platform with a broad restorative portfolio to provide lab flexibility in treatment solution planning.
SureSealTM Technology

SureSeal technology is designed for seal integrity through the implant/abutment junction.

  1. This is achieved with a combination of the proprietary Gold-Tite® Screw with the Certain internal connection and precision manufacturing.3
  2. Gas Enhanced Leakage Test4,*

Features & Benefits

  • SureSeal Technology provides seal integrity with the proprietary Gold-Tite Screw in combination with the Certain internal connection.
  • The Gold-Tite Screw is a high performing screw and delivers +113% more clamping force than a non-coated screw.2
  • Titanium-nitride coating allows for use of translucent materials without sacrificing aesthetics.
  • FlexLink TiBase offers restorative flexibility with both cement- and screw-retained options.
  • FlexLink TiBase is indicated for single-unit, multiple-unit and full-arch restorations utilizing either a digital or traditional workflow.

Additional Information

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