Preservation Is Key To Aesthetics

T3 Implant is Designed to Deliver Aesthetic Results Through Tissue Preservation 

  • Contemporary Hybrid Surface: Provided by complex multi-surface topography 
  • Seal Integrity: Provided by a stable and tight implant/abutment interface
  • Integrated Platform Switching: Provided by a medialized implant/abutment junction
The Clinical Challenge

T3 Short Implants in Areas with Minimal Bone Height

In areas with minimal bone height, providing implant treatment may require complex surgical procedures, such as:

  1. A sinus lift procedure in the maxilla
  2. Vertical ridge augmentation in the mandible due to the proximity to the mandibular nerve

Contemporary Hybrid Implant Design

  • Primary Stability 6,7,8

Initial Bone-to-Implant Contact is a major contributor to the implant’s stability.9

  • Osseointegration 10,11

In preclinical studies*, the T3 with DCD Surface demonstrated increased integration strength throughout the healing phase as compared to less complex surface topographies.11

  • No Increased Peri-implantitis Risk 12,13

The T3 Implant utilizes the proven Osseotite® Surface technology at the coronal aspect of the implant. In a five-year study**, the dual acid-etched surface of the Osseotite Implant presented no increased risk of peri-implantitis or soft-tissue complications versus a machined surface.12

T3 Implant Options

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