A new generation PRO design… Built for stability and optimized placement.

Introducing T3 PRO. Stability You Can Count On, Performance You Can Trust. There is nothing more symbolic of optimized placement than a trusted lighthouse in a dark sea. Guiding you with greater control and predictability, T3 PRO is engineered with a laser focus on stability. Providing a beacon of light in a situation that requires precision is the essence of ZimVie’s new generation PRO design.

Stormy seas can quickly take a ship off course and into dangerous situations, whereby clarity and focus can prevent future complications for your patient’s dental health. T3 PRO helps navigate a treatment plan you can trust.



T3 PRO highlights

  • Engineered for immediacy and high apical stability
  • Optimized placement experience
  • Early and long term peri-implant bone support
  • Peri-implant defense
  • Certain® connection compatible with SureSeal™ and platform switch technology
  • Compatible with existing Certain drilling protocols, instrumentation and Restorative components




Certain® Connection Compatible with SureSeal™ and Platform Switch Technology

High Seal Strength Between Implant and Abutment

The foundation of T3 PRO remains the unique Certain connection compatible with SureSeal technology which ensures a stable and tight implant/abutment interface, thus minimizing abutment micromotion and potential microleakage. 21


Compatible with Existing Certain Tapered Drilling Protocols and Restorative Components

The T3 PRO features the Certain connection which offers a broad option of restorative components, from provisionals, to single-unit cement or screw-retained, stock or digital workflow, to removable or fixed hybrid full-arch. The T3 PRO is also compatible with existing Certain Surgical Instrumentation and Navigator guided surgery systems.

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