Encode® Empowered Program

Through the Encode Empowered Program, clinicians and laboratories now have greater control, resulting in a timelier and more cost efficient workflow with continued access to optimal prosthetics.

Encode Empowered Program

Due to advancements in digital dentistry, Encode laboratories are now able to control the design of their CAD/CAM BellaTek Encode Abutments, experience faster turnaround times as well as enjoy a more simplified workflow to better support and serve their clinicians.

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    Providing this coupon to a participating EEL assures you receive a genuine BellaTek Abutment from ZimVie Dental at a reduced cost. Coupons redeemable by any participating EEL for $150 (CAD $178) off the price of a BellaTek Lab Designed Abutment originating from the impression or scan of a BellaTek Encode Healing Abutment. Your EEL will ultimately determine the discount applied to your lab bill, so please discuss redemption of a BellaChek with them prior to submitting your case.