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StepZ Synergy Training

for the Elevation of your Practice

The Mission: To provide clinicians with the tools necessary to effectively communicate and treat patients with a comprehensive approach to implant dentistry.

StepZ Synergy Training

StepZ is an interactive and restorative implant mini-residency focused on comprehensive training in all aspects of implant dentistry.

Course Concept

  • Four (4) interactive sessions.
  • Providing the tools, skills, and confidence to successfully incorporate and grow the dental implant segment of the restorative practice.
  • Focusing on diagnosis, treatment planning, and the definitive restoration by following patients through the dental implant process during the course of the program.

Pillars of StepZ

  • Team Approach to Restorative Implant Dentistry
  • Interactive Group Treatment Planning
  • Efficient Patient Care Workflows
  • Streamlined Referral-Surgeon Communication

Effective Treatment Planning of Your Implant Cases from Start to Finish

Benefits of StepZ

  • Increased Synergy Among the Treatment Planning Team
  • Greater Patient Acceptance Rates for Implant Therapy
  • Enhanced Confidence & Skill Development for the Restorative Team
  • Improved Identification of Implant Patient & Proper Treatment Planning Options
Stepz Pillars Grapgh

4 Session Plan

Interactive Education & Comprehensive Restorative Training



Simple & Efficient Implant Dentistry

  • Finding Hidden Implant Patients
  • Crown & Bridge Dentistry Vs. Dental Implants Single, Multiple & Full-Arch Restorations
  • The Case Work-Up
  • Working as an Implant Team
  • Treatment Planning Requirements for Next Sessions


Treatment Planning & Case Presentations

  • Treatment planning of YOUR cases 
  • Case Presentations
  • Abutment Selection In Implant Dentistry 
  • Impression Techniques
  • Cement- Vs. Screw-Retained Cases


Treatment Planning, Case Presentations, & Restorative Procedures

  • Treatment planning of YOUR cases 
  • Case Presentations
  • Guidelines For Immediate Loading 
  • Anterior Aesthetics


Final Case Presentations

  • Occlusion In Implant Dentistry 
  • Prosthesis Delivery Procedures 
  • Implant Maintenance Procedures

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CE credits awarded for in-person participation at all 4 sessions: 28 hours.