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Universal Multi-Unit Abutments

A complete solution with a digital workflow for screw retained restorations.

An extensive range of abutment angles and collar heights for TSV,  TSX, and Eztetic Implant connections make it the ideal choice for your clinical requirements.

Universal Multi-Unit Abutment

In 2024, there were 100,000 registrations for our medical education and training sessions.

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Each ZimVie Institute is equipped with the latest tools and advancements in implant dentistry as well as state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment. But what truly makes a ZimVie Institute a world leader in dental education is our Simulated Patient Training Laboratory (SimLab).



Full-arch training program types

Learn about the types of full-arch training programs we offer.
  • SmileToday®
  • Digital Full-Arch Programs
  • Restorative Full-Arch CE Programs
  • StepZ Practice Development

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