RealGUIDE™ CAD Software

All-inclusive, flexible, and powerful dental design

Unprecedented Freedom and flexibility

Flows organized in wizards with a cascade structure and icons that allow you to start with a generic reconstruction type and specify the details during design. Free-form tools give you the flexibility and freedom to work in the same way as traditional dentistry. Simplified workflows support single-step modelling of removable dentures and bars based on specific libraries. And with the cloud licensing instead  of dongles, realize efficiencies in your day-to-day operations. 

TSV Surgical Kit Image

TSX™ Implants

Newest innovation in ZimVie’s digital dentistry platform is designed for immediacy and peri-implant health

TSX Implants Xceed Xpectations in immediacy and leverage an Xtraordinary combination of clinically proven features.




Deliver an immediate smile like a PRO

There is nothing more symbolic of optimized placement than a trusted lighthouse in a dark sea.

Guiding you with greater control and predictability, T3 PRO is engineered with a laser focus on stability. Providing a beacon of light in a situation that requires precision is the essence of ZimVie’s new generation PRO design.

Encode® Emergence Impression System

Encode® Emergence Impression System

The 3-in-1 healing abutment, scan-body and impression coping for natural tissue-healing and restorative efficiency.



Bone Graft Plug

Socket Preservation Made Simple.

The RegenerOss® Bone Graft Plug is an easy-to-use grafting solution for filling extraction sockets and periodontal defects. The Plug features a combination of 80% graft particulate and 20% Type I bovine collagen that adapts to the shape of the defect once hydrated. 

TSV Surgical Kit Image
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