Become a BellaTek® Encode® Empowered Laboratory

Through the development of the BellaTek Encode Empowered program, the BellaTek Encode Impression System becomes even more powerful in the hands of laboratories around the world!

Due to advancements in digital dentistry, laboratories are now able to control the design of their CAD/CAM Encode Abutments, experience faster turnaround times as well as enjoy a more simplified workflow to better support and serve their clinicians. Through the development of this program, laboratories are provided with the following benefits:

  • Scan and design control from a BellaTek Encode Impression
  • Reduced turnaround times
  • Abutment material flexibility
  • Cost effective milling options

This is accomplished through a non-exclusive license of the BellaTek Encode Library to participating laboratories throughout the U.S. and Canada, resulting in a timelier and more cost efficient workflow for both the laboratory and restoring clinician.

How To Become A EEL

Please contact your local representative for more information on becoming a BellaTek Encode Empowered Laboratory or speak directly to our dedicated BellaTek Customer Service Center at 1-888-800-8045.

Encode® Empowered Laboratory (EEL) Designed BellaTek Abutments

All design work is completed by trusted certified laboratory technicians at your local EEL.

The Laboratory Designed Abutment is a solution providing dental laboratories with more control over abutment design coupled with the quality expected from ZimVie Dental. Additionally, there are reduced shipping costs and quicker turnaround times compared to traditional procedures.