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Implant skillZ Site Preservation Therapy

Virtual Program Series

Flexibility and Accessibility through Virtual and Hands-On Learning

This implant skillZ series allows restorative clinicians to start on the road to competency with implant-supported overdenture therapy. The curriculum begins with a series of two (2) webcasts viewed individually or in a group, followed by skill development with hands-on exercises for learning overdenture treatment.

$199* Course Fee Includes:

- Modules 1-2: Self-Study Virtual Programs

  • Module 1 - Clinical Guidelines for Implant-Supported Overdentures. Dr. Edward R. Schlissel
  • Module 2 - Clinical Treatment: Edentulous Patients. Dr. James A. Rivers

- Module 3: Hands-On Step-by-Step Instructional Video

  • Module 3 - Hands-On Overdenture Fabrication. Dr. Maria D. Gonzalez & Dr. Amy L. Ridall

- implant skillZ Kit Overdenture Therapy Kit

*Course Fee Includes: Two Self-Study Virtual Modules followed by a Hands-On Step-by-Step Module that includes the implant skillZ kit, which includes the OverdenSURE Insertion and Patient Education Model.

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Headshot of Dr. Edward Schlissel

Module 1: Clinical Guidelines for Implant-Supported Overdentures

Web-Based Program | Dr. Edward R. Schlissel

Program Description: This program will provide a literature-based, systematic approach aimed at helping clinicians with treatment planning and the decision-making process for patients who would benefit from implant-supported overdenture therapy. The discussion will include an overview of the key clinical steps necessary for providing this care.

Headshot of Dr. James A. Rivers

Module 2: Clinical Treatment: Edentulous Patients

Web-Based Program | Dr. James A. Rivers

Program Description: This program will describe the benefits and limitations associated with conventional complete dentures, as well as, implant-retained or supported overdentures.  Resilient attachment systems, framework design and bar-retained overdentures will be thoroughly discussed.  The specific biologic benefits associated with implant overdenture treatment include denture retention and stability, bone preservation, improved soft-tissue health, improved nutrition and quality of life. Clinical examples and literature citations will include long-term clinical and patient satisfaction studies.

Headshot of Dr. Amy L. Ridall
Headshot of Dr. Maria D. Gonzalez

Module 3: Hands-On Overdenture Fabrication

Web-Based Program |  Dr. Amy L. Ridall & Dr. Maria D. Gonzalez 

Program Description: The ideal timing for socket preservation is at the time of tooth extraction, yet very often this opportunity is missed resulting in an aesthetic deformity of the hard and soft tissues. In this program, participants will be guided through socket preservation techniques for different types of defects. The importance of atraumatic tooth extraction and the rationale, for which biologics may best fit the clinical situation, will be reviewed. Three simple and predictable methods of ridge preservation following tooth extraction using graft particulate with different membranes will be demonstrated in a step-by-step fashion. Suture techniques to stabilize the graft/membrance, as well as to obtain primary closure of the extraction sites, will be demonstrated.