Realguide Z3D Kit

The RealGUIDE Z3D Guided Surgery Kit has been designed for use with the ZimVie Dental Tapered Screw-Vent®, Trabecular MetalTM and 3.1 mm Eztetic® Implant lines.

  • The kit consists of diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated calibrated surgical drills and mounting devices for guided surgery.
  • It can be used to place implant diameters 3.1 mm, 3.7 mm, 4.1 mm and 4.7 mm.
  • The TSV Screwdriver and TSV Ratchet can be bundled with the kit to have a self-contained kit.

Guided Surgery Kit Features

  • Fully guided placement of ZimVie Dental Eztetic 3.1 mm implant and TSV/TM implants in sizes 3.7 mm, 4.1 mm and 4.7 mm
  • Compact kit, which is useful for space-constrained dental offices
  • No handles or keys are necessary while preparing the osteotomy
  • DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coating on the drills provide wear resistance characteristic


Drilling System

Drilling System

The drills in the RealGUIDE Z3D Guided Surgery Kit are made of hardened AISI 420B stainless steel and coated with DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) treatment which provides an increase in surface hardness and reduces the friction forces generated during use.

Implant Mounts

Implant Mounts

Place the Zimmer Biomet TSV or TM implant vial on the dedicated implant staging pedestal corresponding to the implant length.

TSV Screwdriver and Ratchet

TSV Screwdriver and Ratchet

They can be bundled with the kit purchase, or use the instruments from your existing standard TSVKIT.

 RealGUIDETM Software Suite

The RealGUIDE Software Suite is the inhouse option for both the practice and laboratory.

The kit information is available in the RealGUIDE Software Suite,  an open system for diagnosis and advanced surgical guide design  that will support you with customized drilling reports to be  well-prepared for dental implant therapy.

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