"Cast-To" Gold Abutment, Engaging

"Cast-To" Gold Abutments are used to fabricate implant-level, custom cast restorations that provide subgingival margins for esthetics, reduced height for vertical occlusal clearance and/or custom angles.

These abutment  assemblies consist of a hex engaging gold base, an abutment screw and a castable press-fit plastic sheath. "Cast-To" Gold Abutments  for internal hex implants have a low profile collar that allows for an esthetic, subgingival connection above the friction-fit abutment/implant interface. In addition, non-engaging options for multiple-unit restorations include bar copings in gold and titanium as well as plastic castable and temporary copings.

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"Cast-To" Gold Abutment, Engaging

  • Engages the internal hex of the implant for use where anti-rotation is required
  • Designed for single unit restorations
  • Includes retaining screw and plastic sheath for ease of preparation
Cast to Gold Abutments


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