Accurately Assess Torque

The Solution Designed To Provide Clinicians With Consistent Low Torque Assessment

  • The Low Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench (L-TIRW) is a unique low torque ratchet wrench designed for restorative dentistry.
  • The Low Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench is sleek and easy to use, providing clinicians with an option they may not have had before: an inexpensive instrument that provides accurate low torque assessment when placing restorative components.
  • The Low Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench (L-TIRW) indicates forward and reverse torque of up to 35 Ncm without the need for additional components.
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Features & Benefits

  • Multi-Functional

The Low Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench (L-TIRW) doubles as a conventional ratchet wrench to place restorative components and as a torque indicator to provide a visual assessment of torque.

  • Easy To Separate And Assemble

Consisting of only two parts, the Low Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench (L-TIRW) is easy to prepare for sterilization and reassemble for use.

  • Lubrication And Recalibration-Free

The Low Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench (L-TIRW) does not require lubrication or recalibration. Calibration is confirmed by verifying that the torque indicating arrow is positioned at the first scale mark (0 Ncm).


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