Rejuvenate Your Practice With RevitaliZe Solutions.

  • RevitaliZe Patient Solutions allow you to offer full-arch Immediate Load Provisional Screw-retained Restorations for the edentulous mandible or maxilla.
  • RevitaliZe Patient Solutions encompass a simplified approach and the flexibility to choose the right surgical protocol and restorative option for each individual patient.


Fixed-Detachable Full Arch Restoration

A fixed-detachable full arch restoration is used when all teeth are missing in the upper or lower jaw.

Implant Supported Overdenture

An implant supported overdenture is used when all teeth are missing in the upper or lower jaw.


Features & Benefits

  • Our tapered abutments represent the traditional abutment profile for partially edentulous or edentulous, screw-retained multiple-unit restorations.
  • Conical screw-receiving platform extends through the tissue aiming to facilitate simple abutment-level procedures and restorations for screw-retained dentures and bar overdenture applications.
  • 1.2 mm low-profile cone and 15° tapered walls are designed to provide ease in delivering the framework and achieving a passive fit.

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