Smart Denture Conversions



Smart Denture Conversions

Convert a stronger provisional denture in less time

Smart Denture Conversions utilizes a closed-tray pickup system that enables clinicians to convert a provisional denture in 30 minutes or less and eliminate the need for large holes that weaken a prosthesis.





Faster, Stronger, Better

Smart Denture Conversions eliminates the need for large holes in the denture by allowing a closed-tray pickup. This is possible by fastening the Ti-Base to a multi-unit abutment with a unique prosthetic screw, the Separable Fastener.

The Separable Fastener divides into two pieces for the pickup and the denture can be easily removed from the mouth prior to major modifications.



Process dentures in 30 minutes vs. the traditional two hours, significantly reducing the overall treatment time.




Engaging in implant, not for use in single-unit restorations (incl. preassembled retaining screw)




Create better contours without the need to unnecessarily bulk the prosthesis. Improve occlusion by utilizing a fully occluded pickup technique, reducing the need for major occlusal adjustments.



ZimVie's Smart Denture Conversions products for TSV Implant Connections are compatible with the following Multi-Unit Abutment Systems: 

• Nobel, Multi-Unit Plus
• Neodent, GM Mini Conical
• Hiossen
• Thommen, VARIOmulti
• Biohorizons
• MegaGen
• Dentsply Sirona, Multibase 
• BlueSkyBio

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