Contour Zirconia Abutments Image
  • The collar of the abutment is contoured below the margin, allowing space for soft tissue around the implant.
  • These contour abutments are manufactured from a strong zirconia material for a natural-looking, esthetic solution.
  • The titanium interface ring provides a titanium-to-titanium connection for a precise fit between the implant and the abutment. This allows for a seat that you can rely on. Contour Zirconia Abutments are sure to be a beautiful fit for your patients – and your practice.

Product Ordering

Instrumentation Needed:

  • 1.25 mmD Hex Tool [HXGR1.25, HXLGR1.25, HX1.25, HXL1.25] 
  • Torque Wrench [TWR]
  • Torque Wrench Hex Driver [TW1.25, TW1.25L]
Contour Zirconia Abutments, Straight

Contour Zirconia Abutments, Straight

Includes a Retaining Screw (AH20S).

Contour Zirconia Abutments, 17°

Contour Zirconia Abutments, 17°

Includes a Retaining Screw (AH20S).

Additional Information

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