• Implant Placement - The Fixture Mount is used as a mean to deliver the implant to the surgical site and provides convenient color-coded identification that matches the implant analogs.
  • Implant-Level Transfer - The Fixture Mount then functions as a transfer that is conveniently pre-attached to the implant. Surgeons can take an immediate index or impression to complete the transfer, or restoring doctors can use it after the healing period.
  • Preparable Temporary Abutment - The Fixture Mount may also be prepared to function as a temporary abutment while the final restoration is being fabricated.

Product Ordering

The prosthetic manual for the Trabecular Metal and Tapered Screw-Vent Systems provides a detailed overview of the prosthetic procedures applicable to these implant systems.


Fixture Mount / Transfer

Fixture Mount / Transfer

Includes a Retaining Screw (URS2). Can be used as a Preparable Temporary Abutments.

Titanium Implant Analogs For Stone Models

Titanium Implant Analogs For Stone Models

Color-coded by implant platform.

Additional Information

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