Gold Metal Performance

Designed for high performance and excellent cutting efficiency, Dríva Gold Series Drills are reusable, externally irrigated, and compatible with existing surgical protocols for Trabecular Metal, Tapered Screw-Vent® and  Eztetic® Implants

  • Efficient
  • Compatible
  • Convenient


Original vs. Gold Series

Enhanced Cutting Efficiency1

Original vs. Gold Series (2.3 mm Dríva Drill)
  1. 1st Use (13.72% Less Thrust)
  2. 5th Use (16.57% Less Thrust)

Features & Benefits


Deep cutting flutes designed for improved cutting efficiency compared to the original Dríva Drills


Familiar soft- and dense-bone protocols are used for osteotomy preparation 


Solid construction facilitates easy cleaning and sterilization