Low Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench
  • Accuracy - Indicates forward and reverse insertion torque levels for implant insertion from 50 to 90 Ncm.
  • Simplicity - Disassembles and reassembles easily for cleaning, sterilization and use. No lubrication or calibration needed.
  • Versatility - Two distinct wrench designs are now available to enable placement of additional Zimmer Biomet Implants with a High Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench.

Two Ratchet Wrenches

The two ratchet wrenches are visually distinct to differentiate and facilitate accurate selection for the implant being placed.

  • H-TIRW is utilized with T3® and Osseotite® Implants and features a black head and insert. Insertion torque during placement of these implants with the H-TIRW is not to exceed 90 Ncm.
  • ZTIRW is compatible with placement of Trabecular Metal, TSV®, Eztetic®, and Tapered SwissPlus® Implants, and all three of the tool components are silver in color.
High Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrenches

Additional Information

To request a paper copy of the Instructions for Use, contact ZimVie Dental Customer Service