Implantmed Surgical Drill System

Implantmed Plus

Precise Torque Limitation and Stop Functions

  • The Osstell ISQ module uses Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) to measure for implant stability.
  • W&H surgical stainless steel, scratch-resistant handpieces offer the durability, ergonomics and targeted irrigation needed for Oral, Maxillofacial and Implant Surgery.
  • Multi-functional wired or wireless foot control allows sterile working and optimum freedom for your hands.

Implantmed Classic

Focus on the essentials

  • Powerful motor -  With a motor torque of 5.5 Ncm and a motor speed range of 300 to 40,000 rpm, Implantmed is an impressively powerful instrument.
  • Easy to use - Its new display with auto backlight makes Implantmed easy and uncomplicated use.
  • Fatigue-free operation - In combination the short motor and the ergonomically shaped contra-angle handpiece are perfectly balanced. You can work for long periods without fatigue or cramp in your hand.
  • Stress-free healing - The automatic thread cutter function supports you when inserting implants in hard bone. It prevents compression of the bone.



Implantmed Classic Image
Osstell Beacon Image

Osstell Beacon

Opt for even better treatment

  • Manage patients with risk factors
  • Avoid unnecessarily long treatment times
  • Achieve more predictable outcomes


The new force in bone surgery

  • Innovative LED ring
  • Fine tooth design
  • Efficient cooling
  • Automatic instrument detection
Osstell Beacon Image

Additional Information

To request a paper copy of the Instructions for Use, contact ZimVie Dental Customer Service