Combining Structure and Flexibility

In addition to the osteoinductive properties from the demineralization process, these grafts provide diverse structures that allow for various levels of osteoconductivity. Each has its own unique abilities, combining structure and flexibility, making these grafts attractive for a variety of spinal applications.

System Features

Designed to deliver osteoinductive bone with sponge-like handling, the Indux Cancellous Sponge products are machined from a single piece of cancellous bone. The cancellous bone is demineralized, exposing the inherent growth factors that are essential for new bone formation.

Indux Cancellous Sponge

  • Machined from a single piece of cancellous bone and fully demineralized to provide a natural, porous, osteoconductive scaffold
  • The demineralization process and trabecular structure provide sponge-like handling, which allows the grafts to fit into a variety of bone voids or spinal cavities.
  • When compressed, these products expand to fill the contours of a void, thereby minimizing the space between the graft and the host bone.
  • Rehydration can be achieved with blood, bone marrow aspirate (BMA) or saline solution.

Indux Cortical Strip

  • Combining structure and flexibility in a unique design
  • A robust single-piece construct with a unique crosshatch pattern that maintains structure and flexibility
  • Facilitates the bone healing environment
  • Offers a targeted approach as the strip can be shaped to fit into a void or placed in gutters of the posterolateral spine
  • Can be rehydrated with blood, BMA or saline solution


Additional Information