Advanced biologic solutions

PlatFORM CM is a bone graft substitute that offers  a wide range of characteristics similar to human bone.

PlatFORM BG Moldable Bone Graft Matrix is composed of carbonate apatite anorganic bone mineral, bioactive glass, and Type 1 collagen that can be molded to fit the bone defect. 

System Features

The evolution of our mineral and collagen composite bone grafts has advanced with the launch of our bioactive glass, mineral, and collagen composite bone graft solutions. We have a wide range of mineral and collagen composite bone grafts with a variety of adjustable characteristics, and we have expanded even further to offer bioactive moldable bone graft solutions. 


  • Highly Purified Carbonate Apatite (CA) Mineral 

• Superior to ß-tricalciumphosphate (ß-TCP) and hydroxyapatite
(HA) as a bioresorbable bone graft substitute1

• Derived from all natural sources—both the collagen
and mineral content are derived from bovine sources

• Resorption, remodeling and structure analogous to human bone2

  • Highly Purified Type I Collagen

• Favorable influence on cellular infiltration and protein binding3

• Resorbed and remodeled naturally in bone through normal
metabolic pathways4


  • 2 for 1 versatility—Upon hydration, the strip conformation can be used in its original shape or optionally molded into alternative shapes to address the unique contours of each defect 
  • Optimal Resorption & Remodeling6,7 
  • A Perfect Trio of Components—50% Carbonate Apatite anorganic bone mineral, 30% 45S5 Bioactive Glass, 20% Type 1 Collagen 
  • Uniform distribution of bioactive glass and mineral particles throughout the matrix, achieved through our proprietary manufacturing process1 


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