The Complete Bone Remodeling Triad

A fresh frozen allograft, which is cryopreserved and processed using a proprietary processing method to retain endogenous components of the native bone that support bone healing.

PrimaGen Advanced Allograft possesses all three components of the bone healing triad: osteoconductivity, osteoinductivity, and osteogenicity. The combination of morselized cancellous bone and demineralized cortical bone provides a bone grafting scaffold.7 

System Features

PrimaGen Advanced™ Allograft has been developed to overcome the limitations of other bone graft substitutes and designed to offer a real alternative to autograft.

Streamline Your Procedures with an Advanced Delivery System

  • PrimaGen Advanced™ Allograft is packaged in an intuitive, proprietary pre-filled delivery syringe and features a built-in filter that allows for the full preparation of the material directly inside the syringe.

The Complete Bone Remodeling Triad

  • This allograft retains osteoconductive and osteoinductive properties as well as naturally inherent osteogenic cells.


  • Cortical bone is processed into a fiber-like structure and demineralized, retaining a variety of osteoinductive protein important for bone formation. 
  • The cancellous bone tissue is morselized into particulate, creating a consistent graft.

The PrimaGen Advanced Allograft Process

  • The advanced, proprietary processing methods protect and retain the naturally inherent osteogenic cells. 
  • At least 750,000 cells/cc of cancellous tissue with at least 70% cell viability1.
  • Cells include MSCs, osteoprogenitor cells and pre-osteoblasts.


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