Track record for success

Pro Osteon is a versatile bone graft substitute with a variety of options to meet the clinical needs of even the most challenging patient. Available in a wide range of sizes, forms and porosities, Pro Osteon is an ideal graft of choice as a synthetic substitute.

System Features

Pro Osteon provides ideal options for osteoconductive scaffolds and has a long history of clinical use that supports its benefits.

Pro Osteon is available in two forms:

  • Pure, nonresorbable, hydroxyapatite
  • Resorbable, osteoconductive matrix consisting of a thin, 2μm–10μm layer of hydroxyapatite over a calcium carbonate core

Pro Osteon is also available in different porosities, each with their
own unique applications:

  • Pro Osteon 200R 
  • Pro Osteon 500 and 500R

Accomodating Form

  • Blocks, wedges and granules are provided to facilitate placement into small and large bone defects. Small and large granule sizes facilitate filling small and large bone defects.


Additional Information