Elegance in Profile and Visibility

Built on the technology from the Trinica® family of anterior cervical plates, the inViZia System is an innovative cervical plate system that diminishes profile without sacrificing reliability.

System Features

The inViZia System is an innovative cervical plate solution. It offers direct visualisation of implant placement and screw locking. With its generous graft window, low profile, simple locking mechanism, narrow waist and true self-drilling screws, the inViZia System provides a complete solution in one user-friendly implant.

True self-drilling screws

  • The DiamondTip™ Self-drilling Screw is designed to reduce surgical steps and provide tactile feedback to confirm that the screw is fully seated
  • Screw design has been shown to require less driving torque than alternative designs
  • Screw design has demonstrated higher pull-out load than alternative designs
  • Screw can be placed without the need for a pilot hole 
  • Secures up to two screws with a twist of the driver

Comfort and Visualization

  • Low-profile plate (less than 2mm) may reduce postoperative dysphagia in patients1
  • Minimal and sleek instrumentation allows for an intuitive and simple surgical procedure
  • Large graft windows provide clear endplate visualization
  • The slim implant waist (less than 10 mm) facilitates midline placement and improves visibility of the graft’s lateral edges

Secure-Twist Locking Mechanism

  • The mechanism provides clear visual and tactile feedback of locking cap engagement. A simple twist of the locking cap ensures locking mechanism engagement


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