Versatility, flexibility, and simplicity

The Mergence-S System is a universal system of implant-specific instrumentation used for site preparation, size trialing and implant insertion.



System Features

The Mergence-S System is designed to aid in the implantation of ZimVie Spine’s TM-S Cervical Fusion Device, Vista®-S, Puros®-S and Puros®-S2 Cervical Interbody Allograft Implants. The Smith-Robinson surgical technique is used with standard instruments, except those specifically related to the sizing and insertion of each interbody device


  • Mergence-S is designed to work with many of ZimVie Spine’s interbody options. 
  • Three different inserter options afford surgeon choice to facilitate comfort.
  • Expanded options of trials and rasps accommodate patient anatomy.


  • Instrumentation within the Mergence-S System is color-coded by footprint and lordosis angle to allow for easy selection.
  • Interbodies easily attach to the inserters, cutting back on unnecessary steps and potentially reducing OR time.

Important Information

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