Fuse with Confidence

The Optio-C System is the industry’s first zero-profile, modular stand-alone cervical device that offers allograft1 and PEEK spacer options and delivers the strength, stability and fusion potential of a traditional anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF).1

System Features

The Optio-C System combined with the elegance of DiamondTip™ screws creates the best fit for patient anatomy without compromising strength or security.


  • Interbody spacers available in PEEK-OPTIMA® and allograft 
  • Three footprints combined with a wide variety of screw options allow surgeons to configure the best construct for patient anatomy
  • Variable screw trajectories ease implantation above or below adjacent-level constructs


  • Zero-profile design reduces anterior hardware and may reduce the risk of dysphagia and dysphonia 
  • Integrated screw fixation eliminates the need for additional plating when addressing disease adjacent to an existing fusion
  • Sleek, low-profile instrumentation minimizes exposure and simplifies the surgical procedure


  • DiamondTip screw technology allows screws to be placed without pilot holes, reducing surgical steps
  • Cortico-cancellous screw thread is designed to enhance bone purchase
  • Secure antimigration system provides tactile and visual confirmation
  • Pre-assembled locking mechanism secures all screws simultaneously


Important Information

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