Movement in a New Direction

The Virage OCT System offers a new approach to posterior fixation surgery through ZimVie's Omnidirectional Extreme-Angle Screw. Built to deliver efficient results in the operating room, this system works to address challenging patient anatomies.

System Features

The Virage System is an Occipital-Cervico-Thoracic (OCT) spinal fixation system featuring the innovative 360° Omnidirectional Extreme-Angle Screw that simplifies rod alignment and minimizes operating time.


  • The Virage OCT System offers the widest range of screw diameters for use in longer constructs.
  • The Extreme Angle Omnidirectional screw allows for 56° of angulation and 112° of conical range of motion designed to facilitate optimal screw placement.
  • Multiple rod options include Cobalt Chrome and Titanium materials, pre-cut and pre-bent rods and pre-bent and articulating occipital rods.
  • Head-to-head connectors provide multi-planar motion, allowing for off-axis screw head positioning. 


  • Double-lead screw accelerates insertion.
  • Omnidirectional screw simplifies rod placement and minimizes operating time.
  • Friction-fit head holds the desired rod position and facilitates rod placement.


  • Varying thread forms maximize screw interaction with various bone densities.
  • The Virage OCT System has demonstrated to have increased pull-out strength when compared to competitive systems. (Test data on file at Zimmer Biomet Spine, Inc.).


Important Information

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