Reliability through Engineering

The Vista-S Fusion Device is made of PEEK-Optima® and is engineered to fit a variety of patient anatomies while giving surgeons the confidence they’ve come to expect from a PEEK interbody spacer. 

System Features

Designed to be used with Mergence®-S instrumentation, the implantation of Vista-S is sleek, simple and efficient without sacrificing stability or performance. 


  • A wide range of footprints, geometries and heights allow surgeons to choose the perfect fit for patient anatomy and needs
  • Expanded footprints and heights ensure a proper fit, even for outlier patient anatomies
  • Tantalum markers allow for intraoperative visualization to ensure precise positioning


  • “Shark tooth” pattern on superior and inferior surfaces reduces risk of device migration
  • Large graft window allows graft material to promote fusion 
  • Proven through years in the OR, PEEK-Optima provides a radiolucent, strong and stable construct


Important Information

Additional Information