Ergonomic Design

The ZimVie Universal Navigation Adaptor is ergonomically designed to facilitate rotation of the arrays relative to the instrument axis for uninterrupted navigation. 

System Features

The following ZimVie systems may be utilized with the Universal Navigation System: Vitality® Spinal Fixation System, Vital™ MIS Spinal Fixation System, PathFinder® NXT Minimally Invasive Pedicle Screw System, Cypher™ MIS Screw System and the Polaris™ Spinal Fixation System.

Suitable for a MIS or Open Approach 

  • Uninterrupted navigation facilitated by a freely-rotating adaptor 
  • Ergonomically designed to facilitate the hand-held stabilization of the array relative to the instrument


  • Compatible with multiple navigation-ready systems (Medtronic StealthStation Navigation System and ROSA ONE)
  • The surgical instruments to be assembled and navigated using the Universal Adapter are: 

PathFinder NXT taps and screwdrivers

 Cypher taps and screwdrivers

Vitality/Vital taps and screwdrivers

Polaris taps, reamer probe and screwdrivers

Vital Power Reamer Probes

Universal Nav PAT/PASIT for use with Vital MIS Spinal Fixation

Important Information

Additional Information