Virage®  Navigation System

Virage System Overview

The Virage Navigation System is comprised of nonsterile, reusable instruments, including cases, drill bits, taps, and driver that can be operated manually. These instruments are intended to be used with the Medtronic StealthStation® System to assist surgeons in precisely locating anatomical structures in procedures for preparation and placement of Virage OCT Spinal Fixation System polyaxial screws. 



More About Virage System

This surgical imaging technology provides surgeons visualization for complex procedures and confirms the accuracy of advanced surgical procedures. Use of these navigation systems provides the surgeon access to real-time, multi-plane 3D images (and 2D images) providing confirmation of hardware placement.

As with all orthopedic surgical procedures, detailed preoperative planning is essential. Preoperative diagnostic evaluation, followed by carefully executed surgical technique is required. Postoperative care, individualized to suit the particular injury/disease requirements, is essential for optimum outcome. The surgeon must be fully aware of the risks and complications inherent to this type of surgery. Only those individuals with specialized training and experience in spinal surgery should attempt use of the instruments.



Important Information for The Virage Navigation System

The instrument cases may be one-layered with various inserts to hold surgical instrumentation in place during handling and storage. The inserts may contain holders.

The instrument cases are perforated to allow steam to penetrate these various materials and components.

The instrument cases will allow for sterilization of the contents to occur in a steam sterilizer utilizing a cycle that has been validated by the user for the equipment and procedures employed at the user facility. Instrument cases do not provide a sterile barrier and must be used in conjunction with a sterilization wrap or rigid container to maintain sterility.


System Features & Benefits

  • Uninterrupted navigation facilitated by a fixed Array Orienter
  • All instruments are compatible with the Virage System
  • All Medtronic arrays within the NavLock® set are compatible with the Virage Navigation System instruments
  • Instruments provided in the Virage Navigation System are for bone preparation, tapping, and screw insertion.
  • Virage Navigation Instruments are compatible with ZimVie Universal Power System and WalterLorenz® Surgical Assist Arm.


Virage Navigation System


Before using the Virage Navigation non-sterile instruments, carefully study the  recommendations, warnings, and instructions; as well as all product labeling.


Consult Instructions for Use website:  Key-Code: IFU0005

To request a paper copy of the Instructions for Use, contact ZimVie Spine Customer Service

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