Designed to treat a wide variety of spinal pathologies and to allow surgeons the flexibility to build constructs that meet the anatomical challenges associated with complex spine procedures.

The Vital System includes multiple screw options: monoaxial, polyaxial, uniplanar, reduction and iliac. All screw types are available in multiple diameters and lengths. In order to provide the surgeon with greater intraoperative flexibility, the fixation implants are specifically designed to accept both 5.5 and 6.0 mm diameter rods, in either Titanium, or Cobalt Chromium. The ability to intraoperatively pivot between multiple rod options with the same system, allows the surgeon to better accommodate the needs of each individual patient.

Vital Power Instrument Kit Features

The Vitality+ Power Instrument Kit features five types of instruments that are available for use with the Zimmer Biomet Universal Power System: drills, reamers, taps, drivers, and adapters. The Universal Power System is available in 2 handpiece styles: the single trigger handpiece and the double trigger handpiece.


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