Adjust Your Implant, Not Your Technique

As surgeons and patients increasingly demand minimally invasive alternatives to traditional pedicle screws, spinous process fixation has fulfilled an unmet clinical need in spinal fusion surgery. 

System Features

The Alpine XC Adjustable Fusion System enables variable sizing and provides in situ compression/distraction capabilities similar to pedicle screws while reducing time, risks and muscle trauma associated with screw placement.

Adjustable Sizing

  • Alpine XC is the only spinous process fixation device with an adjustable, fenestrated core and adjustable-length plates.
  • Variable sizing allows for an optimized, anatomic fit.

Optimized Surgical Technique

  • Alpine XC allows device insertion in a small, collapsed configuration, enabling minimally invasive exposure.
  • In situ device compression and distraction provides the surgeon with lordosis control and the ability to load interbody grafts1.

Advanced Coating Technology

  • Alpine XC is the only spinous process fixation device on the market that features a titanium plasma spray coating, specifically designed to enhance fixation at the bone-implant interface.


Additional Information