Robust Posterior Fixation

Designed to help optimize surgical results when implanting the Aspen MIS Fusion System.

System Features

The Aspen MIS Fusion System consists of a family of spinous process fixation devices designed for rigid, posterior fixation to promote fusion from T1 to S1.

Proven Efficacy

  • A randomized, controlled, multi-center clinical trial showed that the Aspen System could be a significantly faster and less invasive alternative to pedicle screw fixation in support of interbody fusion1.
  • Biomechanical testing has demonstrated comparable stability of the Aspen System to pedicle screw fixation in support of both TLIF and ALIF3,4.

Versatile Design

  • Spiked-plate design provides reliable bony fixation under both static and fatigue loading conditions.
  • The Z-shape of the Aspen implant allows it to contour to patient anatomy.
  • Integrated load sharing central barrel can retain 0.5cc to 3.0cc of bone graft material.

Comprehensive Offering

  • Includes a flared plate option with 45° angle at one end for anatomical fit for L5–S1.
  • Small footprint ensures easy positioning for varying patient anatomy from T1–S1.
  • Offset plate allows for optimal placement in the strongest bone of the spinous process.

Additional Information