Versitility On Call

The Durango ALIF System's plate component is available in three configurations, and it offers different screw positions and angles that can address the unique anatomic demands of each patient. 

System Features

The Durango system includes two footprint options with a full range of heights for a precise anatomical fit, exceptionally large graft windows for a maximum fusion area and multiple technique options with intuitive instrumentation to seamlessly address a variety of clinical requirements. All interbody spacers are made from PEEK-OPTIMA® polymer from Invibio, Ltd.


  • Zero-plate option delivers a no-profile implant that avoids contact
    with any soft-tissue postoperatively
  • Half-plate and full-plate options reduce the instrumentation angulation required to insert screws
  • Stand-alone construct eliminates the need for any supplemental posterior or anterior fixation


  • Cover plates that correspond to each of the three plating options
    prevent screw back out
  • Four screws in all plating options offer secure fixation, regardless of plating option

Additional Information