Redefining Anterior Lumbar Fusion

The InFix Anterior Lumbar System's unique, proprietary design provides independent modularity of height and lordotic angle to approximate patient anatomy

System Features

The InFix implant is manufactured from implantable grade Ti-6Al-4V alloy that conforms to ASTM F136.  The implant is comprised of two opposing Endplates (provided in 0°, 3°, 6° and 9° angles) supported by two vertical Struts available in a range of heights, allowing the surgeon to fix the vertebrae in proper anatomical alignment and lordosis.  

Fenestrated Endplates

  • Designed to allow a generous cross-section of bridging bone to grow and strengthen fusion
  • 56-72% of endplate is open space for fusion

Migration Resistance

  • Spikes resist migration and rotation
  • Allows for initial stability of device

Configuration Options

  • Lordotic Angles

- Endplates are available in 0°, 3°, 6° and 9° lordosis  

- Enables a construct range of 0° - 18°

- Restores sagittal balance

  •  Strut Heights

- Color-coded, titanium alloy struts are available in 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm

Strut design that permits load sharing between the implant and the graft

  • Allows the device to compress and apply load on the graft to promote bone growth
  • Stiffness of the device is between cancellous and cortical bone
  • Shock absorber protects graft against damage
  • Offers the strength of metal with the modulus of elasticity more similar to cancellous bone and PEEK, rather than solid Ti6Al4V

Additional Information