Fewer steps. Greater options

The Trinica Anterior Lumbar Plate (ALP) System was designed to fit challenging patient anatomies. This anterior lumbar plate accommodates variable vertebral bodies through multiple plate configurations with both fixed and variable angled screws. As a result, surgeons can achieve a better anatomical fit with no bending. 


System Features

The Trinica Anterior Lumbar Plate System is used as an implant for the correction and stabilization of the spine. This system provides temporary stabilization and augments the development of a solid spinal fusion. 

Comprehensive Yet Simple

  • Unique bone deficit filling design for optimal bone-plate interface 
  • Innovative Secure-Twist Anti-Migration System for one-step locking 
  • All-Through-One (ATO) guide to accommodate drilling, tapping and screw insertion


  • Fixed and variable screws meet a wider range of anatomical variations
  • Multiple plate configurations eliminate the need for bending and facilitate an optimal anatomical fit
  • All-through-one guides accommodate drilling, tapping and screw insertion

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Important Information

Additional Information

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