The ultimate

implant system

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ZimVie has the complete solution to help you

level up your ALL-on-X game.

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The ultimate implant systems

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ZimVie has the complete solution to help you level up your ALL-on-X game.




TSX® Dental Implants

Exceptional Immediacy

TSX Implants - Placement Predictability

TSX Apical Stability Results1*

  • > 35 Ncm apical torque in TSX extraction protocol
  • 25% more dental implant surface area in contact with bone upon insertion than the TSV Implant (in TSX extraction protocol)

(Data from in vitro testing engaging only the apical 4 mm of the dental implant; untapped averages).

Placement Predictability

  • Designed to follow the drilled osteotomy - Unlike some very aggressive dental implants that can track off the desired course during placement, the TSX Dental Implant is not designed to change direction during seating, aiding in placement predictability.





TSX Advantage

Supporting Peri-implant Health and Crestal Bone Maintenance

  • Leverages decades of clinical history in its combination of surface technologies shown to balance peri-implant needs in the coronal and sub-coronal regional. 1-5, 12-14*
  • Coronal DAE Surface - No increased risk of peri-implantitis compared to machine titanium. Better crestal bone maintenance than machine titanium in the coronal region. 1-5, 12-14
  • MTX Surface - High osteoconductive potential and over two decades of clinical success.1, 7, 8





TSX Guided Implant Surgery

RealGUIDE® Z3D Guided Surgery Kit

Designed for use with the ZimVie Dental TSX, Tapered Screw-Vent®, Trabecular Metal®, and 3.1 mm Eztetic® Implants.


RealGUIDE Kit and Implants





The right size for any surgical situation

TSX Dental Implants 

Includes cover screw and optional alignment pin to aid in guiding parallelism.

TSX Implants





One platform for the most common sizes

Less inventory.

Simple ordering.

The TSX 3.7, 4.1, and 4.7 mm diameter implants all utilize our proprietary mmD platform.
TSX Implants -Implant Sizes





TSX Implants - 3.1mmD

When being narrow-minded is a good thing

  • Color-coded alignment pin is included with the TSX Implant.
  • May be optionally attached after insertion to aid in guiding the parallelism of multiple implants.
  • TSX Implant is not packaged with a fixture mount to facilitate fully-guided placement.





TSX Implant System Size and Code Chart

TSX Implant System Chart






Versatile solutions for patients who demand

more choices and faster results

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Restorative Solutions

Versatile solutions for patients who demand more choices and faster results




The Universal Multi-Unit Abutment

Universal Multi-Unit Abutment

A complete solution with digital workflow for screw-retained restorations.

An extensive range of abutment angles and collar heights for TSV,  TSX, and Eztetic Implant connections make it the ideal choice for your clinical requirements.





Smart Denture Conversions

with Separable Fastener Technology

Smart Denture Conversions eliminates the need for large holes in the denture by allowing  a closed-tray pickup. This is possible by fastening the Ti-Base to a multi-unit abutment with a unique prosthetic screw, the Separable Fastener.  
The Separable Fastener divides into two pieces for the pickup and the denture can be easily removed from the mouth prior to major modifications.
The Universal Multi-Unit Abutment