ZimVie Spine’s Puros cervical allografts give surgeons the power to choose. Sterile-packed Puros-S and Puros-S2 allow surgeons to select from either one-piece cortical grafts or reinforced cortical and cancellous combination grafts. 

The Puros family delivers the shapes, sizes and angles to fit varying patient anatomies, as well as best-in-class features designed to facilitate insertion, minimize migration and resist pullout. All Puros products work with versatile instrumentation that simplifies implantation and improves ease of use.


  • Puros-S features the strength of all-cortical bone, while Puros-S2 features cortical bone with an osteoconductive cancellous center
  • Both Puros-S and Puros-S2 meet stringent quality standards that meet all U.S. Food and Drug Administration donor screening and testing requirements


  • With three footprints, two geometric options and five heights, Puros-S and Puros-S2 are designed for varying patient anatomies
  • Between Puros-S and Puros-S2, surgeons can choose between a cortical or cortical-cancellous implant to best suit patient needs and surgeon preference


  • Puros constructs are sterilized using RTI Surgical’s proprietary BioCleanse® Tissue Sterilization Process*
  • Sterilization process has been proven to inactivate or remove pathogens while preserving the biomechanical integrity of the graft
  • Puros implants must pass stringent donor screening

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