The Michelson Logo is proudly displayed by ZimVie Spine in conjunction with all systems incorporating the inventions of Dr. Michelson

Michelson Technology At Work Logo

Dr. Michelson is a board certified orthopedic fellowship trained spinal surgeon who has dedicated his life to the search for more effective treatments for the most debilitating of spinal disorders and to the relief of spinal pain. 

Motivated by the plight of his maternal grandmother — a tennis champion in her youth — later crippled by neurogenic spinal degeneration, Dr. Michelson resolved to teach himself all that was known about these diseases and their treatments. Dissatisfied with the available treatments, the doctor went on to invent comprehensive spinal surgical systems including integrated instruments, operative methods and medical implants. These have become the foundation for many of the modern surgical treatments used for major spinal disorders.
Dr. Michelson is a prolific and substantive inventor in spinal surgery with over 780 issued or pending patents in the United States and throughout the world. His inventions have made the surgeon’s job easier and substantially lessened the burdens on the patient. Procedures incorporating the Michelson inventions have been associated with smaller incisions, reduced blood loss, shortened surgical times, less discomfort, quicker rehabilitation, improved results, and decreased costs overall.
Technology developed by G. Karlin Michelson, M.D. is incorporated or used in connection with the following ZimVie products:
  • MaxAn® Cervical Spinal Plates
  • BAK® Interbody Fusion System
  • POLAr™ Instrumentation System
  • Proximity™ Interbody Fusion System
  • BP® Interbody Fusion System
  • BP®/Lordotic Interbody Fusion System
  • BAK® Vista® Interbody Fusion System
  • Vista® Lordotic Interbody Fusion System
  • BAK/C® Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion System
  • Trinica® Anterior Cervical Plate System
  • Trinica® Select Anterior Cervical Plate System
  • Trinica® ALP Anterior Lumbar Plate System
  • inViZia™ Anterior Cervical Plate System
  • Puros® Accugraft® ALIF Allograft System

The purpose of the Attribution Product Systems list is to designate devices and methods that are to receive attribution to Dr. Michelson. Package insert materials for each product indicate appropriate warnings, indications for use, and contraindications.