Designed for Surgical and Restorative Aesthetics and Efficiency

  • Easy, efficient and proven Encode technology with contemporary emergence profile designs, intuitive codes and pink matte appearance.
  • Eliminate the healing abutment and impression coping or scan body swapping process, while delivering soft tissue healing with natural emergence profile.
  • Patients have a better experience and a beautiful aesthetic outcome as compared to traditional procedures with impression copings.



Benefits for the Patient

  • Comfort: There is no need to use impression copings, resulting in a less invasive impression procedure for improved patient comfort.
  • Fewer Visits: The intraoral scan can be taken by the specialist at the surgical release visit, eliminating a restorative appointment and resulting in less visits to the dentist’s office compared to traditional procedures.
  • Aesthetic Outcomes: Abutments designed specifically for the patient's anatomy, for better aesthetic outcomes compared to traditional non-digital procedures.


Customized Restorative Solutions 

Workflow Options


Practice Growth Through Better Patient Care

Efficient Treatment Solutions that optimize the workflow for the entire team


  •  Cutting edge technology creates an improved and simplified treatment process differentiating the practice for referring dentists and patients.


  • Streamlined workflows may lead to increased crown and bridge business.
  • No need to create a cast, which results in fewer steps in the treatment process, reducing overhead.
  • Unique branding opportunity may grow the volume of your business.

Restorative Clinician

  • No implant-level impressions are required- minimizing chairtime compared to traditional non-encode procedures.
  • Increased patient satisfaction due to an easier and more comfortable impression procedure compared to traditional non-encode cases.

Please contact your local representative for more information or speak directly to our dedicated Customer Service Center at 1-888-800-8045.

Find an EEL -  Encode® Empowered Laboratory

Due to advancements in digital dentistry, laboratories are now able to control the design of their CAD/CAM Encode Abutments, experience faster turnaround times as well as enjoy a more simplified workflow to better support and serve their clinicians. Through the development of this program, laboratories are provided with the following benefits:

  • Scan and design control from a BellaTek Encode Impression
  • Reduced turnaround times
  • Abutment material flexibility
  • Cost effective milling options